02/2/2018 | Category: Entertainment

People Are Using Deep Learning Tech To Put Nicholas Cage In Random Movies

Last month, Motherboard put out a chilling report claiming Redditors had started using AI-assisted technology to superimpose famous celebrities’ faces onto porn stars.

Now (perhaps with a much less sinister undertone), people seem to be using the same technology to put Nicolas Cage into some of their favourite movies, from Bond to Superman….. because right after porn, the internet likes to make memes.

The Face Off star has been an internet meme for years now, constantly showing up on subreddits, forums and even media outlets – often for no real reason whatsoever.

But in a weird turn-of-events, which steps away from the standard photoshop battle, people have started mapping his face into a bunch of different movies; and, quite frankly it’s terrifying.

Ever want to see Cage as James Bond or Indiana Jones? What about as Lois Lane?

Well, this is all possible because of something called FakeApp, software that utilizes algorithms and deep-learning to scan someone’s face and graft it into any given video.

While there a bunch of ethical issues (think about the women whose likenesses are being used without their consent), there are only a few legal boundaries which can shut it down.

It could also be particularly damaging in the political realm, as it may be much harder to call something “fake news” when there is actual ‘video proof’ of politicians confirming it.

But for now, providing the fake celebrity porn tape fetish subsides, it seems to be generating laughs.

Source: konbini.com