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Japan breaks the internet speed record

Scientists at Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) have smashed the internet transfer record by shifting data at 319Tbps, almost double the last speed test attempted in August 2020. At that speed, you could download over 7,000 high-definition movies in a second. It involved addressing every part of the pipeline, upgrading the fiber optic line with four cores over the usual single core in typical lines, while the laser […]

todayJuly 22, 2021


Facebook launches Soundmojis, the smileys that makes sounds

Get ready to make some noise! To celebrate World Emoji Day, Facebook is giving a voice – or rather sounds – to some of its emojis. The platform has unveiled Soundmojis – emojis that make sounds – for users to send via Messenger. Emojis are a key part of social networking, especially on Facebook. Thus, to mark World Emoji Day on Saturday, July 17, Mark Zuckerberg’s platform has announced the […]

todayJuly 19, 2021


Apple blocks TikTok’s attempt to track iPhone users

Ever wonder how you could look up a product online and all of a sudden targeted ads for that product pop up on your phone and other connected devices? Tis not witchcraft, readers. Third party apps and websites track your travels across the internet and also know which apps you've been viewing. When Apple released iOS 14.5 in May, it gave iOS users the opportunity to opt-out of getting tracked with the […]

todayJuly 8, 2021


Instagram Head: ‘Instagram is No Longer a Photo Sharing App’

Instagram is looking to focus its attention on competing directly with TikTok and as a result, its head Adam Mosseri says that the popular app is no longer a photo-sharing app, but will shift to entertainment, video, and shopping. “We are no longer a photo-sharing app,” Mosseri says bluntly in a video posted to Twitter. “The number one reason people say they use Instagram, in research, is to be entertained.” […]

todayJuly 1, 2021


Google Phone update makes it even easier to message businesses

Google Phone used to be a pretty basic dialer app when it came out, but it has greatly enhanced its capabilities and feature set over the past couple of years. It now offers call recording, spam and fraud caller detection, Automatic Call Screen, and much more. In its most recent updates, it gained a basic Caller ID feature as well as the ability to always record calls from unknown numbers. […]

todayJune 21, 2021


‘The Beatles: Get Back’ directed by Peter Jackson, to debut on Disney Plus

The Beatles’ forthcoming film “Get Back” — a Peter Jackson-directed documentary culled from the footage from the 1970 “Let It Be” film — will premiere as a Disney Plus original documentary series over the Thanksgiving holidays. Because of the wealth of tremendous footage Jackson has reviewed, which he has spent the past three years restoring and editing, “The Beatles: Get Back” will be presented as three separate episodes. Each episode is approximately two […]

todayJune 17, 2021


Facebook plans first smartwatch for next summer

Facebook is taking a novel approach to its first smartwatch, which the company hasn’t confirmed publicly but currently plans to debut next summer. The device will feature a display with two cameras that can be detached from the wrist for taking pictures and videos that can be shared across Facebook’s suite of apps, including Instagram, The Verge has learned. A camera on the front of the watch display exists primarily for video calling, […]

todayJune 14, 2021


Google Photos unlimited free storage ends today – here’s what to do

How to navigate today's big Google Photos change Google Photos is changing today – if you hadn't already heard, from June 1 the popular cloud storage service is no longer giving us unlimited free storage for 'high quality' (or compressed) images. But what does that mean and what should you do about it? That depends on your current Google Photos setup and how you use the service, but we've rounded up all […]

todayJune 1, 2021


Google remembers android tablets exist, adds a new media hub

A surge in interest for large-screen slates has prompted the company to inject an “Entertainment Space” into the user interface. Last summer Google introduced a content hub for select Android tablets called Kids Space to help children and their parents find age-appropriate books, games, and videos. Now the company is doing the same thing for adults.  In what's possibly the biggest change to the Android tablet experience since 2011, Google's new Entertainment Space is […]

todayMay 5, 2021

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