02/4/2018 | Category: Music

Jay-Z breaks down what makes a good rapper on David Letterman’s ‘My Next Guest’

Acclaimed rapper Jay-Z is up next on David Letterman’s Netflix talk show “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction,” and it looks like he’ll be breaking down what makes a good rapper.

In a short preview clip released by the streaming giant on Monday, the Grammy winner sits down with “The Late Show” veteran and gives shout-outs to his contemporaries, praising rapper Snoop Dogg’s voice and Eminem’s cadence.

“There’s multiple ways to be good,” he explains to Letterman. “Some people just have it all.”

 Jay-Z’s episode, titled “The Good Rappers,” begins streaming Friday.

Letterman’s previous guests have included President Obama, Oscar winner George Clooney and young activist Malala Yousafzai. Up next are writer-producer Tina Fey and shock-jock radio host Howard Stern.