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‘Avengers: Endgame’ Theory Possibly Reveals How Spider-Man Came Back

todayJanuary 22, 2019

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Marvel fans have had their imaginations sparked by the recent releases of both the Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home trailersEndgame and Far From Home will follow one another consecutively, and that has raised serious questions about what the existence of Spider-Man’s next chapter reveals about the outcome of what may be the Avengers’ final arc.

Well, a new theory making the rounds on Reddit now speculates about what we know about Spider-Man: Far From Home, and how it may indeed reveal a major shift in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while hiding it right in front of fans’ faces.

As the theory goes, the end of Avengers: Endgame will see The Decimation event of Avengers: Infinity War reversed, albeit with some most unexpected outcomes. The biggest twist will be that Peter Parker/Spider-Man (and perhaps others among the “dusted” characters of the MCU) will be restored to an alternate timeline or reality. That would explain how Nick Fury and Maria Hill are also back, or why the name Tony Stark is never dropped and Fury is approaching Spider-Man as an agent of SHIELD. In this new reality the events of the MCU would unfold differently, and the very title of the film, “Far From Home”, could also be a double entendre, referencing Peter’s trip to Europe and the exploration of a new reality for the character. It syncs up with other theories that have come out – most notably one that postulates that Thanos actually created two MCUs during The SnapEndgame would then theoretically see the original Avengers re-merge the two universes into a new version of the MCU, while Far From Home (and possibly other films) could explore what occurred in the “B” universe Thanos created.

Where this theory goes askew is in its claim that The Snap will not be negated by the events of Endgame. It’s been a leading fan theory that the original Avengers actually end up restoring the MCU to a timeline in which Infinity War never took place, and that characters like Peter Parker will have never left his school bus to venture into outer space. However, this new theory goes out of its way to deny the obvious storytelling device of simply retconning events of Infinity War, due to the claim that doing so would negate the consequences of that movie. However that arguably untrue, as there are plenty of characters (Iron Man and Captain America) who may still have to pay a major cost in order for the rest of the MCU characters to get their fresh start.

Here’s the theory in full:

[Spider-Man: Far From Home] How Peter Parker “comes back” from Infinity War/Endgame!

First, I’ll start by saying that I’ve always wondered how FFH and Endgame could be marketed side by side based on how Infinity War ended…..The FFH trailer may have some “hidden clues” that could explain what happened.

  1. The tone of the trailer and the behavior of the characters in the trailer….Everyone is acting as though the decimation never happened.

  2. Where’s Tony Stark?

  3. Nicky Fury & Maria Hill appearance.

  4. Mysterio a hero?

  5. Comments made by Kevin Feige (Far From Home title has multiple meanings)

The prevailing theory floating around is that the heroes in Endgame will prevent the decimation from occurring via time travel (which makes sense and may actually be the case). The only reservation I have about this from a narrative point if view is that they’d be undercutting Infinity War. The events of that movie wouldn’t have as much weight.

My theory is that Peter Park ends up in an alternate universe/dimension post decimation. It’s likely the same thing happened to the other dusted characters, but since we’re dealing with Spider-Man, we’ll focus on him….This theory lines up with Feige’s statement about the title. FFH refers to Peter being in Europe in the movie and it could also refer to him not being in his default reality during the movie. As mentioned above, the tone of the trailer and behavior of the characters don’t seem to be impacted by the decimation. Of course, we don’t know how Endgame will conclude, but I don’t see it ending in a way where the characters either don’t remember the decimation or “it never happened”. Again, this would completely undercut the ending of Infinity War. There has to be lasting consequences of the decimation imo.

Another interesting aspect of this theory is that it would mean we won’t get Peter Parker back in the default reality by the end of Endgame! Also, all the other characters in FFH including Aunt May, Fury, Hill and Happy would be a part of that alternate reality (Peter would be the only one out of place there, but unknowingly). This alternate reality theory would also explain Tony’s absence. Maybe he died under different circumstances or maybe he’s just not in the script, because the story didn’t require him to be…just like any other MCU movie that doesn’t include x,y and z characters.

We also see Mysterio being a hero in the trailer. Makes sense in an alternate reality! The prevailing theory is that Mysterio is duping everyone and making himself out to be a hero by using his illusions. Based on common knowledge of the character from the comics and cartoons, I feel like that would be too obvious of a plot point in the movie.

Lastly, I’ll be honest in saying that I’m not a fan of alternate realities in storytelling. I feel like it’s a cheap way of handling characters and basically means they can’t die, but there’s much we don’t know about high concept rules within the mcu and I trust Feige and company to craft a great story across all these movies….The big question after Infinity War was, where did all the snap victims go? FFH could address that according to my theory, but it doesn’t have to dwell on that fact. But rather, it be a reveal at the end of the movie (with little hints laid out throughout). If this ends up being true, FFH wouldn’t have spoiled Endgame bc it was taking place in an alternate reality…Also….What if Peter is unknowingly stuck in this alternate reality forever?! This could be Marvel and Sony’s way of isolating the Spider-Man character from the other heroes. Paving the way for either Sony to take the character back and continue his story OR for the partnership to continue while allowing Spider-Man to deal his conflicts on his own without help from other heroes.



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todayJanuary 22, 2019

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