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The Superhero Movies of 2018, Ranked

Hate it, love it, [extremely Josh Brolin voice] dread it, run from it, the fact of the matter is our pop culture landscape is ruled by superheroes. The modern-day watercooler is the Tweets, forums, and message boards that light up like an Infinity Stone following the release of a comic book movie. Hell, the trailers for the upper-tier entries stop office productivity, traffic, and social interaction for days at a time. This year was a […]

todayDecember 27, 2018

Marvel Entertainment Spider-Man's costume in Spider-Man: Homecoming (left) and Avengers: Infinity War.


Why Do Superhero Costumes Keep Changing?

Tom Holland's new Spider-Suit continues a tradition for superheroes to change costumes with every movie. Tom Holland has revealed the new-look Spider-Man costume for 2019's Spider-Man: Far From Home, and it's … perfectly serviceable, as these things go. It's also the third costume Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has worn in four movies, which is a sign of how much things have changed when it comes to superhero movies, or superheroes in general, as it […]

todayOctober 20, 2018


Jennifer Aniston, Anna Kendrick Talk ‘Cake’ Satisfaction and Superhero Roles

Seated at the front of Lincoln Center's Francesca Beale Theater, Jennifer Aniston and Anna Kendrick reflected on the joys of making independent film, particularly amidst the big-budget projects in which they frequently appear. "We approach our work the same, by doing as honest and true of a job to what the character it is," said Aniston to an audience that had just seen her turn as pain-ridden Claire in the […]

todayDecember 19, 2014

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