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Peaky Blinders Season 6 finale teases the real end of the Shelby family

todayApril 7, 2022

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Warning: this article contains spoilers for Peaky Blinders.

The finale of Peaky Blinders season 6 sees Finn Shelby and Duke go head-to-head, and their contest in the subsequent movie will either redefine the Shelby name or end it entirely. The end of Peaky Blinders season 6 marks the end of the show, however, many of the Shelbys have unfinished business which will be resolved in the movie. Although the film does not have a release date, it was announced by the show’s creator Steven Knight in 2021 and production will likely begin in 2023. The intention was for Peaky Blinders to cover the time between the first and second world wars, therefore the cast will be older in the movie, giving time for Finn and Duke’s resentment to grow.

In Peaky Blinders‘ season 6 finale, Tommy Shelby’s long-lost son Duke is tasked with ensuring that Billy Grade, the informant in the Shelby organization, is dealt with. Unfortunately, the youngest Shelby brother, Finn, is friends with Billy and has not shown the same attitude towards the business as his brothers. When Duke gives Finn the order to kill Billy, Finn fires two empty chambers toward Duke. Finn proves that he is incapable of carrying out Shelby orders and is banished from the family by Duke.

Upon his banishment, Finn swears to Duke, “I will come for you.” This makes it incredibly likely that this conflict will continue on from Peaky Blinders season 6 and resurface in the movie. The dynamic between Finn and Duke is representative of how the Shelby family views itself now. It is no longer enough to just be a Shelby by name, like Finn is. To be a member of the family, loyalty to the family is paramount. Thus, the family has evolved to expand to those who do not wear the Shelby name. Duke and Finn’s upcoming conflict also poses the potential end to the Shelby family if Finn is victorious, as it appears that Duke is now Tommy’s heir apparent.

In an interview (via Esquire), Steven Knight said that much of the Peaky Blinders movie will be about the “new generation” that Duke and Finn represent. Whilst Tommy’s son Charles and Ada’s son Karl could also be a part of that generation, they have both noted their disdain towards Tommy’s work. Furthermore, their mothers would likely try to stop any involvement in the violent part of the company, making it far more likely the “new generation” refers to Duke and Finn. With Finn exiled from the company, Duke appears to be Tommy’s long-term successor – as Arthur’s written statement that “where you are going, Tommy, there will I be.” suggests he will also be absent from the family dealings. Duke’s position is strengthened by being Tommy’s son, and the fact that he rejects the Shelby name does not seem important, since he carried out his orders when dealing with Finn and Billy.

Duke’s newfound position in the family proves that the Shelby company now values loyalty and commitment above family bonds. Johnny Dogs and Jeremiah are also proof of this value. Finn, meanwhile, exists at the other end of the spectrum – he is a Shelby by name, but not by nature. He prioritizes his friend Billy above his family, is influenced by his new wife Mary, and doesn’t bother to learn the Romani language. The conflict between Finn and Duke will reveal whether the Shelbys have a future after Tommy and Arthur move on. Peaky Blinders season 6 demonstrates that only the Shelbys are capable of bringing their family and themselves to ruin, and now it’s only Finn that has the ability to end the Shelbys once and for all in the Peaky Blinders movie.


Written by: New Generation Radio

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