Δισκοπωλείον η Χάρις

Δισκοπωλείον η Χάρις

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    Δισκοπωλείον η Χάρις Χαρούλα Νικολαΐδου

Levellers – One Way – Live in Lausanne
Ducks Ltd. – The Main Thing
Laid Back Country Picker – Lb’s Truth/Civillian Vic
The Judges – Tuned
Cosmic Shadows – Mr. Thomas
Thin Lizzy – Suicide – gtr Needles And Pins Jam
Ramones – Needles and Pins
The Damn Truth – Lonely
Backstreet Girls – Repo Man
Backstreet Girls – Mental Shakedown
Mud – Tiger Feet
R.E.M. – Country Feedback – Live At The Palace / 1999
Monster Magnet – Dead Christmas
Nebula – Smokin’ Woman
Blues Saraceno – Remember When
Calvin Russell – Don’t turn your head
Kurt Vile – Tom Petty’s gone (but tell him i asked for him)
Blinker The Star – Sweet Teeth
Sons of Arrakis – Shai-Hulud Sequel
Tuomo & Markus – Galway
Glenn Hughes – No Stranger To Love – Studio
Coverdale/Page – Don’t Leave Me This Way
Mick Harvey – The Ballad of Melody Nelson
Mark Lanegan – Pendulum

Δισκοπωλείον η Χάρις

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