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The Seeds ‎– “The Seeds” 1966

micΧαρούλα Νικολαΐδουtoday8 Ιανουαρίου, 2021

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    The Seeds ‎– "The Seeds" 1966 Χαρούλα Νικολαΐδου

The Gun Club – She’s Like Heroin to Me
The Seeds – Nobody Spoil My Fun
The 101ers – Keys to Your Heart
The Gories – There But for the Grace of God Go I
Consortium – It’s not easy
Butthole Surfers – The Hurdy Gurdy Man – From “Piouhgd”
All Them Witches – Am I Going Up?
The Velvet Underground – Louise
The Brian Setzer Orchestra – Sleepwalk
Messer Chups – Children of the Popcorn
Sivert Høyem – Devotional
David Bowie – Tryin’ To Get To Heaven
Paul McCartney – The Kiss Of Venus
Faust – Jennifer
Scott Walker – Duchess
Gábor Szabó – Gypsy Queen
Exuma – Dambala
Dando Shaft – Cold Wind
Scott Fagan – South Atlantic Blues
Sun City Girls – Come Maddalena
Comus – Song to Comus
Natural Snow Buildings – Carnal Flowers
Les Rallizes Dénudés – White Awakenning – Version 2
Johnnie Frierson – You Were Sent to This World
Jim Sullivan – Rosey

Δισκοπωλείον η Χάρις

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