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We the immortals! Εμείς οι Αθάνατοι! Αφιερωμένο στις Αείζωες συνειδήσεις!

We the immortals

The Gate to our Eternity

Athens 1976

We the immortals

  The Gate to our Eternity

…and death shall have no dominion…

Dedicated to an Angel,


This book was given by the archangel Raphael to a being who wants to maintain his anonymity -since he exists among us though without existing- when he was seventeen years old. His shocking message is that death is not a fatal necessity but a choice. This universe, which has been stabilized on a balance that contains entropy, reflects only the present human consciousness. This means that it can change as human consciousness expands to the Whole! New earth and heaven! The body becomes light! The question is: are we innocent enough not to die?


You are!

Αείζωον, an eternal wise being, perpetual, natural, strong and beautiful child of infinity, a marvellous omnipotent  field of quantum possibilities. It is You, man or woman, an autogenous manifested intelligence that dances with the likely versions contained as free choices within an infinite freedom, happiness and potential.

Here, now, you are

before the greatest endeavor of your experience.

Live out this journey 

infinitely with self awareness,

with the form of conscience that you choose to be!

Come, let us learn together the beginning

of beauty, of life, of your wisdom!

Do you remember?

There exists the Gateway of transcendence, the Gate of a qualitative leap from the old useless models and universes of a lesser manifestation of your life, to the everlasting life...

Do not seek to uncover whether this is happening now, but examine the beauty of its content.

Because all beauty is a potentiality in our nature.

How else could we appreciate it if it were not within us?

If, however, something is contained within, you can also choose it as manifested motion and expression.

The choice of beauty is not simply a cultural activity. It is the need of a healthy omnipotent intelligence, of your own intelligence.

Death, illness, fear are perceived by the mind, before the Gate of Escape, as ugliness, decline, confusion.

Life, beauty, peace, are conceived as blessings.

Choose now!

The Gate opens with the possibility of choice. Whatever you conceive in your present stage as good, is so.

From Good proceed to the best-κάλλιστον. 

Live eternally in health, harmony and beauty.

You are ready when you understand that you can, and the truth is that you always know. Now you can show that you can.

Up to now we believed that illness, old age and death are additional disorders, something immoral and unfair in relation to our true ability.

We will now manifest our choice in the “code”:  health, long life, eternal life. We have always known what is beautiful, good and moral. What is natural! We want it and we can make it possible!

Because we want to, we create the way in which to express our will. Those who deny it, resort to weak, illusionary excuses.

What is your choice: Beauty or ugliness?  

Do you choose the Gate of Escape or the continuous spinning, shaking and danger?

He who learns to find meaning in life manifests a human being, penetrates a magic universe of potentiality, increasing and enriching his self awareness with new dimensions of beauty, power, love, in which he blossoms.

He lives the truth which he encounters many times covered by a veil of the unreal, the mythological, the impossible.  To remove the veil is difficult, the choice is personal. When, however, the quest is genuine, without deceit, intention or need of self confirmation, the speed of a vortex is developed. Only then do we come face to face with a virtuous passage and the innocent face of truth, of a new world of Existence.

This is our heritage and our future, the acceptance of our existence, verges on the purity of our intention at a point in our understanding so that we are rightfully initiated into the new universes created.

If we study with innocence and a clear mind those myths, religions and traditions we hold, we will be astonished by the depth of their beauty and the mystery of truth which we bestow on them as hidden content in a humble magnification. Like if we secretly open the Gate of freedom. On passing through the Gate, we will find «outside» of ourselves that which is «inside» of us: eternal love and infinite ideas, wishes and desires need  to be expressed as reason, as universal love for us, as palpable reality and new beauty for all.

Think truthfully what did the gods and prophets really know, what did the sons and the daughters of God know about passing through the Gate? What does the plethora of our immortal brothers say about it?

Why did some want their death, why did the different castes want their humiliation, restriction or elevation so high that no one might reach them and learn of the secret of the Gate of transcendence to freedom?  

Why did some people try to adulterate and forge the life and their works, their word and their “maps”? Why did they try to present them as perverse, mad, weak or untouchable? Why did they make moulds «in the image and likeness» of their poisoned minds, by insincerity, unfaithfulness, hatred? Why did they falsify or burn their “maps”, the path towards the divine Life?

Consider whether they knew, those children of Entirety

and Love, the art of beauty, health and immortality, the

conception which contains the Whole?

Maybe the divine beings knew where the temple of eternal rebirth was, having direct access to that temple of peace, harmony and authenticity, thus, creating the Gate of transcendence to Entirety through the manifestation of pure light and holisticity…

The last act of the life of Christ, was the tearing down of the screen of the Temple, “the opening of the Gate!”

Here begins the first act of our own path.

It is called resurrection from the dead life of the established old-fashioned universe and of a decaying and death-loving culture.

Jesus derives from the Greek verb ιώμαι which means to be healed.

It could be that our healing from the illusions is final as long as we express spontaneously our nature as eternal, ever-powerful innocent and ever-loving beings.  Maybe our final and irreversible victory makes a beginning in life here, on earth, now and forever. May be the Gate  opens from where we are  now, while radiating ourselves in eternal time and space as a natural ability of purity and power.

May be the time has come to understand eros, joy, prosperity, beauty, health and all other virtuous faces  of innocence and life, so that we might manifest them in the conscious of our choices which may open the Gate. Everlasting life is the pure result of our passing to the powers of Nature, which are full of kindness and love for Life and Creation.

In ancient Greek mythology, the immortal Titans undertook to help people find the path to immortality,  the path to redemption.

Man’s time has come. It is now!

As long as we understand who we are, all will be well. Let us demolish the false gods of our mind and let us start slowly but steadily to understand the Kingdom within us so that we might recognize it everywhere as living life, to enable us to pass into our real potential. Then we will no longer need to follow hierarchies, insane gurus, fairies or supernatural powers which are supposedly our fate, known to us as old age, illness, fear and death.

Man’s time has presented itself for him to become that which he should have been. Riding his life of the “gods” of old age, illness, fear and death, man opens the Gate of life.

The words «Be», «Know thyself», «Nothing excessive», are written on the façade of the temple of Apollo in Delphi.

It is our blessed annunciation and heritage which originates in the ancient past that shows us the Gate, manifesting and showing us that the passage, the gods, the immortals and the powers, are all within us.

It is said that if you know thyself you know everything.

Do not search around you. Do not ask anyone. Do not depend upon anything.

Search within yourself. Ask only yourself. There you will find freedom and your power since the Kingdom is within you. Where else should the entry to the infinite Kingdom be?

You can undoubtely use the experience of wise and enlightened beings. Do not create, however, doctrines from their words, nor should you allow your spirit to be bound or captured by their thoughts.

Only when you are free and innocent can you think truthfully and make wise decisions.

Only he who thinks freely, thinks correctly.

Do not transform, therefore, the path to the Gate into a fantasy of the Kingdom. Do not even consider the Gate, as the Kingdom. Go on, go on, fly!

Finally it would appear that the «death penalty» for mankind has ended. A superior intelligence within us, like a hero and a prophet, redeems us with its immaculate conception from the curse of the lesser understanding of life and beauty which is held within us as a divine potential. It blossoms in the light of eternal life here and now, and not in some other time or space.

Spinning powers open the Gate through which Light will pass for the great Achievement.

What will become, I wonder, of the false gods and the clergy without death?

Recall the fable of Hercules and his struggle against old age. He did overcome it. He captured the Kerveros and brought back to life Alkistis thus accomplishing everlasting life and then ascension to Heaven.

Immortality does not suffice, it simultaneously needs strength, youth and happiness.

Old age, death and fear should be thrown into the same grave to be eliminated, to become the past.

Liberation requires the fulfillment of our divine potential.

Hercules beat old age but did not kill it.

Now the time has come!

The Apollonius of Tyana declared that he was immortal, and no one ever saw him old or dead.

Did all these beings activate the Gate?

Victory over death will be collective.

No one, as far as we know, can beat it alone, at least for the time being. Few exceptions known are.

Many know that Saint Germain is still alive, being immortal. It is said thousands of Taoist saints lived for thousands of years. And they were not the only ones.

For those who are able to, recognize the signs; the Gate is opened little by little through all the activities of life and science. However, even if the opening of the Gate appears, the Gate is within us and is simply reflected in the phenomena.

In the Bible we read that God created man in His own image and likeness. If we comprehend this in the light of truth, it says that man is eternal, of infinite power and manifests himself gradually as an omnipotent being

Christ says: “Amen amen I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father» (John. 14.12). «Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free» (John. 8.32).

Let us remember Mathusala who lived for nine and a half centuries. What do we know of the immortal Melhisedek? What did Christ mean when he said: «I am the living bread that came down from heaven. If a man eats of this bread, he will live for ever» (John.6.51). Maybe this is a definite promise realized through the consciousness of our presence. The name of the Gate is different in each culture, each religion, science, philosophy or other approach to truth. The Gate however is one! One alone is the path, the truth and the life!

The Russian biologist Vassili F. Couprevich, as many others, did not look upon death as a necessity but as  foreign within human nature and an unnecessary factor for  improving the species!

It is a disease, a DNA and RNA defect. He also considers that the elixir of life is within human nature, so that man can live without any time limit.

Think of how, my friends, before they put you into the ground, to command the power of everlasting life-αειζωία, so that the cemeteries become gardens and the grave-diggers, foresters and all associations with death become life! The secret of immortality lies in the waters of will and of our conscience.

If only we would realize that we are a sea of palpitating information which is constructed through an apparent stability round the love of vacuum, then we will truly understand what exactly it is we are talking about.

Let us pass through the Gate now, with this body.

What will be the difference, between «after death», as they say, and now?

Surely death cannot destroy an element of your genuine nature, why then should it destroy your particular material substance, your present form?

The breaking of the genetic code and the discoveries in  natural sciences, announce the time  when immortality will become reality, at least for some, in the present manifestation of human life. Why not? The universe does not place terms or doctrines that are adverse to love. If something exists in the universe, it is simply love and nothing more. Love however always provides the best possible way. 

Einstein, in his last days, understood that all forms of energy constitute threads of the same rope.

From all these threads we will pull that which is known to science so that it might be used as the spool of Arιadni which was the guide through the labyrinth to immortality.

Science, little by little, reveals in its own way, our ability, since we are the secret but also the solution. Think and repeat: I dare, I want, I can, I act. Wear your belief in the worth of your aim as a crown, and come to the light of immortality. It is the most important objective of cloudless love to yourself.

Come, come, a thousand times come into the divine potential, your eternal force here and now. Become the destined one, the blessed one for immortality, or at least become you, yourself the spool to your immortality.

From the moment that immortality becomes an acceptable possibility, the whole subject has two different aspects. One is played out thousands of times; an afterlife that is presented in various ways. The other proposes the perpetuation of life, the continuity of life  without the mediation of death!

The first is always there. The solution of non-conscience. On the contrary our aim is to attempt to find a way so that life after death does not concern us. The way is unique. Awareness.

Here and now, in this form, this manifestation and  action, are your divine quality!

The biophysicist Robert Sinahaimer said: “We know no natural limit during life, however long one wants to live. Nothing can reverse the possibilities of what we know now… Such possibilities may not have been put to a worthy use in the way one would expect, but they are real. They may, however, sooner than later become reality”.

Come now, witness it, man begins to see through new eyes and have new dynamic thoughts. Important it is not, that he begins to conceive how much has been lost in the dark centuries of “blindness”, but how much can still  be  lost, or at least believe will be lost if he does not adapt to the new image. We have lost precious time trying to change the world.  Perhaps what we have considered up to now as a change was a deadlock.

Eternity it is! Despair makes us admit something that resembles eternity because it is needed. However it disorientates us from the pure spiritual quest and prevents us from beginning to work here and now.

We have reached the point of decision, and maybe for this reason more and more people are opening their eyes to the courageous sight of a supernatural perception. Thus, an everwise omnipotent universe becomes perceptible. A universe that resembles great thought, a virtue of wisdom rather than the greatness of machinery.

It is a proposal of cosmogonic change in human thought. It is the first image of the “other” immortality. The extensions of this change are not perceptible, but are as seismic vibration of cosmic dimensions softly touching the shores of humanity.

Come now, understand!

The black drill should be broken, and sooner or later someone will achieve this. Immortality could have already become reality. If man is that which he thinks and believes himself to be, then he can become immortal!  

Meanwhile, let us continue destroying the drill. It is possible that from the drill of death, rust and remanants will remain…

Some people attempt to become immortal in history through their work or their children.

“I, I prefer you do not die!”

You are after all immortal. I prefer, therefore, that you retain your form unchanged for as long as you wish,  returning to your spiritual existence again whenever you decide, transformed in pure conscience,  spirit, and vice versa.

Lavkraft said that with the passage of a thousand years death can die! Cease informing the universe even with the slightest wish of “death”! Do not play with  alternative games of suppositions of stellar variants. Life does not need fairy tales to be divine or eternal as it is thus in any case. That’s why, even if fairy tales are enchanting I will not take them

I say no to such a game! Here, what is worthy is the study of death so that we might overcome it. It is the opening of the Gate and the potential of existence without imaginary restrictions. 

This means Paradise. No one says that you can reach it in the form you have today.

On the contrary indeed. Look at the resurrection and the ascension of Christ. If there were no body there would be no need for that.

Immortality is an innate part of our life, paradoxical though it appears, in our modern education. What is the value of anything before the prospect of eternal life?  

Gone will be those sleepless nights worrying whether the pain in the abdomen is cancer. Gone will be the endless nights without sleep at the bedside of friends, family and acquaintances. Gone too, will be the certainty that you will experience with the burial of your loved ones in a deep dark grave.  

No more will you see your body decaying from old age and your saliva dripping, enough of this mockery. Whatever you have been taught look upon it with love. Find the Gate towards your divine potential. It is simple!

Immortality is your way out.

Examine your soul. Feel life and your ability to exist for ever in any way you choose, in whichever universe you select.

Find the strength to express it forcefully and completely. You are the Spirit, the Force and the Potential. You are a  living  place that opens the Gate. You arethe Gate itself!

Uncountable enzymes perpetually renew your life, maintain and save it. These structural stones are the source of life. It is a magic force. If we dominate it, we will become ever-living masters of ourselves, of death and of our abilities in spatiality.

The problem however is the lack of knowledge, the lack of visions which seek their fulfillment.  Be aware of the fact that the nature of man is his pure ability.

Go ahead therefore!

Not only so that you might create an immortal body, but so that you might feel your immortal being.

Look critically upon religion and the knowledge which you have accepted and selectively apply with wisdom, the teachings of religion, of metaphysics and wider education, having first examined it under trial of conscience and logic, of your own innocence, of your own sense and inner inspiration. Thus, escaping for sure from all the self-appointed representatives of God and the Devil of wretched thought and hypocrisy, from pseudo-teachers of metaphysical hope. It is certain that they address gullible people of restricted perception who wish to become followers or those who are already exploiters. Because elementary logic says that, if God sent His representatives, he would have chosen men of excellence and not clever exploiters of human pain, greedy thieves, liars, hypocrites and frauds with negative opinions about life, eros, love, and joy!

Once and for all exempt yourself from the fanatic cruel hierarchy, the mad sects who steal the light of the sons of God. Protect yourself from the sweet talking supporters of propaganda. Your distancing from them all will lead to what is correct, innocent and intelligent. You will, thus, comprehend truth and love from wherever you find yourself so that you may recant the exploiters of life and hold only truth in your heart, when you see it expressing itself outwardly. God does not wish the prosperity and the happiness of a few but of all! And naturally, truth even if it is speculated will remain apparent for those who hear it and those who have eyes to distinguish it even beyond the predicaments and the labyrinths of human exploitation.  

Christ did this; you are justified in doing the same. It is an action of love for pure freedom, and you should not forget your course, a course of freedom, joy and also ability to manifest your nature.

Many ridiculous theories and doctrines turn against logic and life and drag a lot of people into a love of death or into a false expectation of reincarnation…

Those who are focused only on “elsewhere” or on other lives are not at all interested in the magnificent beauty of living life they live and the tangible depot of the potential of good that is here and now.

Many people, preachers and believers reduce in this way religion to a cheap adoration of death, falling in and out of hallucinations, uncertain suppositions and dreams.

Here is our gift, our starting point -we have this divine cession of life that is beautiful and rich in its way for those who want to learn its secrets. We live now, here, and we can live beautifully.

We need nothing.

Planet Earth has everything, provides us everything. Our soul has everything. Our ability can achieve all.

The potential which is man may climb to all heights of Beauty.  

Life is meaningful to us now and always. From here we will make it eternal, joyful, peaceful and brilliant.

Here and now we can open the Gate for every sense of Love and Potential. 

The greatest scientists, many servants and mercinaries of the establishment managed the absolute destruction of life with their super armaments. Yet they did not beat  disease, old age or death but were accommodated in the sweetness of a “religionism” for the supposed mortality of man.

They tried to liken us with animals and have almost succeed. Their wealth, their power and their dirty money did not save them however from the grave, from death. Here what do they make of their beliefs? The grave is but a monster with a human form. They made people with a supposed destiny to become food for worms and be offered as prey to fire, war and deadly ideas. These are the gods of the monsters! Death, old age, illness, “in their image and likeness”. Shame! Shame!

We are spirits of infinite power, infinite ability. Why do they not want us to know?  

Ask, therefore, the scientists and the wise men of this world; what happened gentlemen, did the evolution of species cease?

Is it, that as soon as man acquired superior intelligence, life stopped its ascending course to a higher manifestation?

What should be the next evolutionary stage?  Long-life, everlasting life?

No more! Enough! Life unfolds beautifully, evolutionary, spirally in its infinite potential and we together with life, in spite of all obstacles of institutions, mentalities, habits and stupid theories that oppose life.

Heracletus, Epicure, Empedocles, Hippocrates like so many others, sought, strived, but they did not have the time to discover the great secret. The time was not right. Yet, they bequeathed to us a way to search and to think correctly, to love life, eros and freedom, free from restraint of necessity. Their bodies may have died but  their work has shown us the way calling out:  the ideas are not burnt, burn!  

Fight the sterile theology and the superstitions of deprived theologians and pseudo-philosophers. Declare and live the inner peacefulness, reject sorrow, stress and also fear. Come now to everlasting life, the time has come. The Saints and the wise men of the past did not manage it, they died, the time was not right! We however live, we will go beyond, to longevity and everlasting life

They found their divine potential after the turn of “death”. Now they know that they were, they are and they will be immortal… Be aware that all time is within  the now. Awake therefore!

Not only are the faithless stubbornly mortal but also the faithful too.

The former because they believe in nothing, and the latter because they create faiths from what they consider suits themselves because of their fear. Both aspire to the grave. What hope!

We, however, are alive, we step upon the divine datum of existence and we comprehend that all reasons for death are to be fought, are reversible

Why not turn from those who identify you with animals? Those who do not want you to correctly evaluate your life?

Can you imagine how calm you will be and how safe you will feel, when you rid yourself of the fear of illness, of old age and of death? If life is eternal, it is eternal for everyone and everything

Turn away the phobias, show courage, choose victory instead of compromise. Do not fear death, love life. Kill death. “They are lost” -physically at least – only those who do not want to live a long and an everlasting life. Transcend to your Potential, you can. Attempt it, for it is worth it!

Life, thus, shall finally and irrevocably reign. Therefore, those who read this book have the privilege of remembering, first, what is already known deep down inside. In reality, before this book, you decided to begin and you created the conditions for the expression of information and happenings that mark your potential.   Do not wonder about this. Organize events each moment, select longevity, health, beauty and crystal wisdom, without the mould and mud of failed efforts. The more your truth increases for life and the universe, the clearer your self-knowledge as an infinite-forceful as an omnipotent entity of love, individualized in the spatiality of the choice and potentials of consciousness you invoke.

Everlasting life is not given, therefore, it is conquered

Comprehend it now!

All the well intentioned people radiate luminous shades of love that embrace the entire planet and help the evolution of life in perfecting expression, having learnt to travel to the end of the universe in the orbit of the action of love.

From all possible futures, a natural choice aspires to a better human future and it forecasts inffalibly everything, because it has more probabilities and potential to be realized. This is because our nature itself is the Gate of the quantum leap to immortality. If the potential did not exist, then how is it already contained in our mental and spiritual simulator as conception, vision and effort? Nature, as you know, is a treasurer and for this reason it never provides anything that you will not need. However what does your mind say, the spiritual simulator of the universe? What really is envisioned, wanted and attempted? What really? 

Remember that a man’s life includes only eternity. We all hide forces for the perpetuation of life. Death, illness and fear are erroneous perceptions and will exist as long as we do not comprehend our nature, ourselves.

We suffer all this because we see others suffering. It is essential that our conscience shield us an impenetrable, unattached field of protection from the erroneous way in which we perceive reality. It is essential that we wear a panoply against stupidity!

Thus men will be educated in immortality progressively. Health is a natural, a normal condition of man, as well as permanent health, beauty, immortality.

A thousand times I will say; I can, I want, I dare, I act! This is the key to success for the imperishable body and immortal spirit.

Man is an individual spirit that lives a human experience. Man is 99% waves and information and only 1% elementary particles. The total, however, is always more than the sum of its parts. Accordingly, a man dies only from ignorance and from acquired, contra nature, added stupidity and habit of dramatizing his choices.

It is a shame to be stuck here! Evolution is progressive, the stages are steps to ascend and not to be nailed to! Abnormality and perversion of insane, schizophrenic and destructive people, is this perseverance in one and only one stage of human evolution.

Let us resist now! Otherwise, just admit stupidity, our great stupidity.

See now, we made reality illness, old age and death.

Let us, the new generation, stop copy disastrous, out  dated acquired “programs”. Some may laugh ironically at this.  However, the smile is due to the embarrassment and the weakness to absorb something that is heard suddenly for first time, at least outloud. It does not matter however! The smile, the laughter, even false, make good, so much good that if you comprehend it, it will be your first step, a slap in the face of old age.

However do me a favour, try, and you will see the truth. Open your eyes, do not be an egoist!

Civilization without the vision of evolution causes us neuropathological problems, such as phobia, insecurity, stress, boredom, a loss of ideals, an absence of interests, a deprival of eros, of tenderness and of love, as well as melancholy, neurosis, depression, disappointment,  seriousness,  intensity, despair, distress, resignation, inactivity, self-destruction, attachment, and so much more.

Why should we want all of this? Why are we worn out and unhappy? Why do we not have the vision of life; beauty, love, joy, laughter, contentment, pleasure, eros, tenderness, affection, serenity, patience, peace?

Let us express our eternal flame of potential, a new brilliance of conscience.

So it is old age and ignorance. Death from mental attachments? Illness from guilts? Come, let us cease  underestimating ourselves. It is enough, let us move ahead. Let us first maintain youth in our soul. Let us choose the beauty of health. We are and we will be well. Let us abandon the unnatural impulsion to get ill, to grow old, to die.

We do and shall feel marvellous!

If to you they say “you are old, greying, how you are like this!”, change the conversation and say “what  beautiful weather!”. Basically all weather is beautiful and liked by us. The cold, the heat, the wind, the snow, the rain, lightning, and storms instill in us enthusiasm!


the limited into infinity,

the ephemeral into eternal,

the perishable into imperishable,

the time into evolution,

the mortal into eternal omnipotent conscious, luminous loving being.

Keep nothing from the past.

Rid yourself of anything that smells of illness, old age, death, attachment.

No one can pass into the country of immortals, if he does not throw off all the burdens – programs that are stacked in his mind as a slowly explosive bomb, supposed scientific, but old-fashioned culture.   

Extinguish them all! It is a paranoic shame, a slap in the divine face of humanity. All these prevent you from seeing and hearing the voice within, which knows, thus whispers to you that all that you read is completely genuine. Find the courage to listen for a moment, to your own feeling for the things without old-fashioned judgements. Receive your truth directly, beyond what you were taught, and later evaluate what now is said. Here and now.

Life is a supreme good. Our nature knows this as conscience, and conscience is the truth which exceeds conventional thought we have been taught.

The natural conscience creates without building, sees without judging, expresses the light of innocence, ensures living life that is conceived by the mind and the body as eternity. Let us exceed the swamp of death, individually and collectively. The conscience, if we have the courage to express, it knows the way for each one separately but also for us all together.

Let us dare now, let us throw off the «later». Let us pass into the Glow. The Gate of transcendence towards our divine power opens.

We all are by nature open in our divine potential. We all can proceed spirally. The increase of manifestation of our natural conscience resembles the dawn of a new day in an incomplete form of a neurotic and stupid death-loving civilization. Here is a proposal for a great leap to the dimension of the potential of love and eternity. Do you consider it mad? Look however at the rotten civilization, the pseudo-culture and acceptance of all these, as natural, and at the same time the truth is rejected as madness or utopia of some illusionary visionaries. This is really madness! Unfortunately however, it is not only madness but shame, illness and death.

Do not think, just feel, feel what you already know! Truth you can neither create, nor reject. It will always exist. The only thing you can do is to postpone with the cost of a thousand pains and labours its expression in you. And so?

Man I love you, I adore you, whatever you are, wherever you are. However, I consider foolish this expression of yours, stupid such confrontation of life, your life. Truly what is needed is a panoply against stupidity for this deadly worldwide civilization. It is shame that we have attached ourselves to old fashioned models of expression, it is a shame we are ashamed of ourselves, while our nature is pure love, wisdom, eros.

Let us together take a trip to the potential of the Gate of transcendence to Life, Love, Beauty, Freedom, away from the small minded forms of a false culture, beyond all forms that substitute the Truth of Existence. Come, in what you want and what feel you are, beyond compromises, necessities and phenomenological reasoning but substantially unreasonable, neurotic models of thought and action.

Do not be afraid to be yourself, because what you really are, is a pure and affectionate eternal innocence and potential.

Break the barriers that served in the past your need for conscience.

Say I dare, I can, I want to be myself. There is no enemy there outside, neither fear within!

Learn the secret that is obviously hidden in the entire Creation, learn your pure spiritual potential.

Live with naturalness, spontaneity and conscience. You are innocent when you are, You.

Yet, what is conscience?

You know even if you think otherwise.

Conscience is to be also without your mind, without your programmed sentiments, your education to be with your body or even without it. 

Be eternal and wise knowing without effort, be love which unfolds discreetly in the way you choose to be.  

Be in continous progress, be sun and stars of love, be galaxies of Creation, simultaneously a luminous loving person, free and natural, independent, tender, powerful but also genuinely noble.  

Be the path and evolution!

It may appear impossible, foolish. Yes, you are right as long as you have believed those who have taught you what you know.

Years of effort for you to remain anesthetised and crucified. The authorities, the establishment, the education, the family and cultural environment and so many other cannot exterminate you, however they can delay you trying to make you sleep.

Wake up, and see by yourself and understand. Abandon even what is written here, they have no value.  The value  is you, and what you feel to be truth beyond the “planning” you have received. Do not ever study or search for something more than that. You do not need anything more if you find yourself in Conscience. Let everything behind until you are set free and then you will know without being told, you will know before you ask, you will know Truth and have conscience of freedom of Love outside the forms and actions that distort it.

You will come to know that you are a Mind that can express himself as thought or as molecules. Your thought will become the mirror of your world. You will always find yourself at the point where nature goes in order to create stars, galaxies, quarks and leptonia, where we all are when we create ourselves as love, truth, freedom, beauty and wisdom.

You will learn that you are not simply a sculpture of opinions, programs and believes, but rather a river of information, a flowing spiritual field that is strengthened by the mind of billions of years of its being.

Create now, your new body. There exists a deeper reality of freedom and love in your body and your mind, and this is requested by your existence. From there emanates your mind, your body and your world. When you pronounce a word or you make a molecule, you have thus choose to act. It is like a small wave that begins on the surface of the ocean so that it might become a happening in the world of time and space.

However the entire ocean of love remains in its place as an immense silent reservoir of probabilities and waves that still have not been given birth.

Within us we have the Entirety that is unique and eternal. It creates what is needed with precision, at the right moment and in the right way, without problems.

Now you understand that we are thoughts that have learned – if they did not always know- to create a material machine.  Thus the mind cannot be trapped in the brain only. The mind is present everywhere, in the body, but also in the entire universe. We are the children of this purely formed mind, and when we are innocent, we are given the control and the ability to create anything we want with love. We reach for higher level of manifestation when the mind expresses, simply and naturally, its experience as conscience.

Here exists the truth and the serenity to be who you are, to be whenever you want, to be yourself in spatiality the way you choose. The Gate is omnipotent for the one who seeks the truth and is turned into the wish for harmony.

We reach this “new” level of awareness and conscience because this attitude creates new worlds.

When we lose our conscience, we fall into chasms of reduced expression. Enormous regions that are within our potential emerge from our field, consequently as illness, old age and death. The awareness of our nature is the power of the permanent reintroduction to the region of our eternal being. Thus life acquires a new dimension. We extend ourselves without limits. What is needed is to be conscience of love, truth and naturalness. Remove the mask of pseudo-knowledge and pseudo-culture that is worn by us, come into contact with your own truth, as you feel it even if only for a while. Each day you will take enormous steps towards the conscience and immortality.

No evolution can exist without compassion, tenderness, love, self-sacrifice, eros. They are innate, hidden behind  taboos and typicalities, fear and the cruelty of our culture.

If we surpass these barriers, we ourselves will express the state of being, which always supports the life that nature holds as blessedness. This is the Gate that leads to the manifestation and creation of every potential in all universes.

Innocence blossoms by itself, when we express ourselves naturally. Then love that accepts everything presents itself one day in our heart. When life is complete, there is pure love, and when the conscience is complete, it  brings only love. The gift of love is healing. When love flows without effort from the depths of our being, it creates evolution. The key-moment for the happening of evolution is when the net programs are dissolved. Then a change is caused in the quantum fluctuations, and befalls the evolution towards health, beauty and everlasting life. All nets basically, are activated through the fear of our responses to apparent logical culture, which supposedly uphold, as the model of life with which we were raised.

Silently repeat in your hearts that you do not want to be prisoners of the forms of a foolish pseudo-culture and education.  

Your intention will automatically be realized, if the destructive action of your mentality does not intervene.

Accept anything that comes your way with love, absolutely, so as to be able to appreciate it and be taught naturally by it; afterwards allow it to leave.

We do not simply dream of release from illnesses and fears. Our psychosomatic entity suffers but we also want to acquire real immortality, dressed in the flesh that has been given to us, as perfect as our ideals and our innocence.

The cellular memory of death is transcended when you surpass every formulation and become a silent testimony of love, tenderness, affection and conscience.

You need do nothing to find yourself.  You are eternal and unchangable. Thus, immortality is constructed, and the uncertainty melts just as the snow, penetrated by the first sunbeams.

Feel a union with nature. Inner and outer nature is essential to be united creating a dimension that at first appears non-existent.

Creating the Gate of transcendence to immortality, our nature balances the mind, the body and the soul as co-creators of our own personal reality. The model of immortality is within you and this model is you, yourself.

Walk in the light of purely formed power, go out into the sun, remember the universe. It is our genuine chronometer. Human and cosmic conscienceness is one and the same.

The dynamic field of Life dances and waits for us to enter the dance too. It is folded and unfolded constantlly as an endless silken blanket that is turned with infinite speed.

The deepest reality you perceive is the one from which you draw your force.

Permanent evolution and serenity become reality only at the level of your innocence. The immortals do not live in the past or in the future, they live in timelessness, in the present, for this reason they change it into eternity while nothing can cast a shadow over it.

The purpose of Life is eternity, joy, tenderness. Nothing can last, if we do not keep it alive.

It is worth trying.

Dedicate your life not to what you see, but how you want to see it. Do not think prejudicedly, simply look at everything with love.

The universe, life and you, are one, an absolutely genuine power, a Gate of transcendence to the Light that can take you away, now, from the course of death,  illness, corrupt “programs”, from the attachment and the degradation. In an instant it is possible to resolve your problems and lighten every difficulty. Be set free from our bonds, safely and happily to the path of achievement of the highest visions and possibilities.

Only the power of the Gate can teach us all that which we should know, as long as we are receptive and want to learn. It can inspire us with new ideas, and our work becomes reality.  

This power is our right! Allow it to function in the body, the mind, in your being. No one to creep inside the restrictions and the difficulties, but to rise ourselves with the wings of an eagle to the kingdom of sovereignty and joy. Let us pass through the Gate from the hell of our defective forms of thought to the paradise of our loving potential. 

The power of the Gate towards divinity is identical with your Being as light, spiritual idea. In the Bible it is compared to a child, since the ability to come into contact with this powerful self is lean and weak in the  beginning. However, it is little by little developed until it nourishes your entire life, always leading to greater excellent. When the soul and the mind are innocent, then a virgin uterus of life exists so that it will conceive the “child”, your being, a spiritual idea. From this point and beyond, everything is regenerated. The Bible symbolically names the “child” marvelous, head of marvels, adviser, divinely powerful, Father of future centuries and master of Peace. Let us think of all these together with this allegory: “To the increase of his power  and his peace there will be no end, upon the throne of David, in his kingdom so he might command and establish justice from now until the end of centuries”.

So there will be no end to the increase of this power now or ever! The Gate towards the Light is our natural potential which always raises us to the highest point, from wherever we are found.

Leave all prejudices behind and search freely the religion and the myths of various cultures, nature and your soul, and then you will see everything as one. Music in a unique song of  beauty, joy and eternity.

It sounds strange and fairytale like. However don’t be selfish! Try, try, simply try!

Everything is right, when you also are here rightly. Religion, as science, is the word of the spirit that uses reason and mind to bring out the potential of a man.

It is possible to purify our convictions in a moment of innocence so that a new incomparable, pure, and naturally spiritual culture will be elected. 

Everything depends on respect, that is to say the greeting of joy, with which you select things. They exist secrets in our depths and greater beauty than what we imagine and I want us to find them together…

It is of great importance and perhaps more magnificent than what we believe it to be. Let us be ourselves so that we might live and enjoy these depths. Only God knows how many problems and difficulties we face because we do not want to be ourselves, because we are afraid to pass through our own existence and our divine potential.

Yet love and vision will give us the courage and the confidence to be sincere with what we are. Let us be reborn again for a second time, let our conscience accept ourselves without fear, as wise truth, as the path and life. If there exists holiness it is in the worship of love, in the truth and the freedom that does not have fear because it confides in the wisdom of Existence.

If you do not know who you are, you do not know why you live.

Simply you are programmed to self destruction in this spatiality as a slow burning bomb that will explode in an unknown point which is named death!

Should the bomb explode, no pretence, lies, money, or  cowardice will save you. There exists, however, an exit. Let us not despair!

Come naked in your natural sense, even if you fear the great secret of life. Your freedom is found in the courage of your acceptance, your love and your visions. Throw off the useless burdens that you gather. Open the divine Gate and then you will find yourself a surprise. That which you fear you will love, you will be learnt from it and you will overcome it. Behind everything you will see joy, eros, harmony, exaltation, health, longevity and, if  you wish, immortality without the need to become follower of some form, or to buy your salvation. Free, natural, powerful and eternal!  This then is our own challenge! Do you have something better to propose?

We need to restructure our entire psychological existence. To reconstruct all our potential, to educate ourselves spiritually in a new way that  will make us able to express a new accomplished attitude to life and creation that will justify the wishes, the dreams and the light of naturalness, innocence and our purity that seek ways to express itself in our spatial reality.

We are a dance which seeks perfect motion that is contained as spirit and Potential. We are a free dance full of liveliness, a new, tender, eternal dance that is adapted to all the settings, places and times, because it meets them in the natural impulse of love, coexistence, happiness, creation. We need to reconstruct ourselves with the great forgiveness, compassion, love, and freedom.

We need to know ourselves as the Gate to our eternity!

If it sometimes seems that the entire world is shaking, hold on tightly and let it be shaken. The Gate opens! When it closes, everything returns to silence and the image takes shape again but closer in your heart.

This is a delicate but at the same time important point. Maintain an attitude of love, perception, tenderness, intelligence, innocence, conscience, freedom. Be thus, in spite of all phenomena, and then the glorious victory is certain. Every aspect of life will excel. Remember that nothing from outside can shake you. Only you can shake yourself, but there is no reason for this to happen,  absolutely no  reason to be something lesser than what you are.

Do not react, nor accept the phenomena which you do not love, or feel sorrow or abomination. Do not judge. Simply do not accept them, say no, refuse, do the best you can, radiating beauty, innocence, freedom, conscience, power of love, wisdom, tenderness.

Once and for all be rid of prejudicies and programs of fears great or small, break all chains that tie up your spiritual freedom, innocence, love and wisdom which you naturally hold. With as much effort as it is needed. Since the only one who can enter the world with love and change it, is the one who is free from the world!

For a complete conscience realized in spatiality the entire existence should be full of light, it needs to be reborn as the light of conscience that holds pure freedom, wisdom, love, eternity, joy, prosperity, simplicity, naturalness, happiness. Eternal light! 

Why should we not proceed in life as sons of God, as Gods given grace to be Gods. Why should we not live cheerfully, complete, eternally? Why should we not be able to cure instantaneously those who seek refuge in us? Why should we not reform the world creatively with the light of love and our natural innocence? Why not liberate ourselves from the captivity of incomplete convictions? Why not express beauty? Who or what prevent us?

We are morbidly in love with the old culture and we try to touch with our little finger, the greatness of love.

Here, now, take the decision to come in your entirety to the light of divine intelligence and love. Use the Gate to the eternally new, it means to reject everything mental that is not in harmony with this. We do not speak of purification but of renovation! Remember Christ shall  make everything new! Otherwise, humanity will revolve in endless circles of thoughts, far from fulfillment.

Do not try to be, you already are.  

Do not try to escape. Where can you go? Only through the Gate can you reach somewhere.

Do not fight against non-existent enemies.

Do not be forced, because pressure always overcomes itself.

Do not seek the one in a thousand things. It is for that is it; everywhere.

Even you, you are.

It is enough, therefore, to be peaceful, serene, full of love, confidence and certainty. Do not strive for this, simply be you through the conscience of your nature. When you are right, all is right without effort, wherever you are, because when you are, you know the Gate opens. Then you will see that all is effortless, a song of beauty that always becomes better because it contains the eternity of love.

Do not believe now that you have learnt something from what you read!

Live! Do what your heart longs for. Smile. Fall in love,  with affection. Love what you do, even reading, and then perhaps you will find yourself on the beginning of the path to the Gate to freedom, joy, happiness.

Free means to be in a unit of love.

Free means to be natural, and sensitive.

Free means to be a brave and wise man.

Free means to be godlyman, God and man at the same time!

Learn therefore!

The universe is eternal, without a beginning or end. All is eternal. Nothing less, nothing more. 

Your body is a part of the Whole. If you want, you can keep it eternally or you can allow it to become a quick energy of motion.

This is not what counts, only conscience exists and will exist. When the Whole runs through the body, it is individualized in a visible and an invisible existence which conscience is presented as I am. For this reason God answers Moses: I am the Being, that is to say not only I am but also the Being, everything. I am all the Ι and also whatever exists. Is it not beautiful to be a child of God? Why not show it then?

Have immense patience and nil impatience, be permissive until all reach the free and complete awareness that is already held. Dogmatism is a method and an attitude of waiting for those who have not yet expressed conscience. It is not a self-purpose or a restriction of our potential. For this reason we say that all is correct, when you see it correctly in spatiality. Nothing is wrong, nowhere does disharmony exist for the one who expresses conscience, and this is not a vision or hallucination, it is a sight of love. If there is something you do not like, you can change it. However this does not mean the universe is not harmonious!

Each one has rightly and in the right moment whatever he has.

Do not forget that the word man can be interpreted as an individualization, a unique and indivisible intellectual entity of infinite power. Eternal power in its nature and immortality under your free will, infinite potential of choice and creation, co-creation in innocence, which is presented energetically as male or passively as female.

The aim of man is the existence itself, joy, co-existence, evolution within the potential of interminable perfection. His destination is the manifestation of an infinite beauty and even more…

Let us proceed straight to our aim. Those who wish, let us follow the beauty that is contained within. This is the royal path that suits spiritual and intelligent beings.

This is the Gate of transcendence to Beauty!

In each quantum of time there is the entirety of what we conceive as past, present, future.

The trichotomy of time is used only for reasons of comprehension, though this model is not needed anymore. The holographic photograph produced by laser proves it. In every element of a photograph is the sum of its object. It is evident in each point of space in the entire universe. And if this astonishes you, then look at what centuries ago the Greeks said: Eν το Παν! Everything is one!

Father (past), Son (present), Holy Spirit (future) is an approach to the Holy Trinity which is co-substantial and indivisible. The six senses filter the potential-dimension that up to now the mind can conceive. When you are, you realize that you are of infinite dimensions and swim in all the potential, with ease and beauty.

The time has come for the vision to become reality! The spiritual entity man will break the illusory chains of time and will radiate life and creation of eternal beautiful Presence in God’s infinity and eternity.

Do not struggle anymore for inconsequential ideals, moulded ideologies, death-loving perceptions and religious fanaticism, nor for wealth, governors, homeland that you have not found or sovereigns that you have not chosen, not even for faith which you believe you need in order to be what you already are.

Above all is Life, with conscience, nothing holier, more sacred, more precious.

Bask in the joy and love which exist in your conscience. Wisdom, health, beauty, freedom, eternity, the infinite potential are diamonds of our nature itself! Feel it!

Dark does not exist!  We are light, truth, life!

Do not turn back.

Come to Life.

Conscience is the nature of Creation and naturally our own nature.

Go forward!

The knowledge of the power of love is our Strength!

No more! Close this book and feel life, live the truth, listen to your inner voice for everything. Be convinced by no one and nothing. Transpose everything, even what you read here. What is the value of my truth if you do not conceive reality for yourself, if you do not express your own potential fearlessly, your will, freedom, wisdom, your creative force!

The symbols change and are adapted in the perception of man within spatiality, through the need to comprehend and communicate.

However, you remain, man remains, love remains, and the love accepts all symbols. Love is always aware, but  you are love, hence  you know!  

Do not only fear this, simply love it. You can, because you are love which dreams of itself in a hologram of a vivant life, a being, a complete entity more genuine than any truth!

You continue reading, do you not?

Fine! Fine! Go on believing that you should read all  this, do whatever others tell you, what the books and the spiritual fields of others tell you.

Fine! Fine! However be aware, you know, that even if you are forgotten for whatever reasons, you are!

You were and shall be the freedom that likes through the opposite to extend its sensitivity to the galaxies, in the stars and even beyond them.

In the canvas of its shade, it expresses the conscience of its beauty.

Live, love, learn and play. God never asked more of man, nor Father from son. Within the spirit of the entire Creation is written the name of the Son of Man and Son of God.

Be free so that you may be yourself, because only  freedom  is conscience of wise love.

Annihilate everything! Be reborn. Let the knowledge be acquitted within the conscience of purity and naturalness. Be yourself! Live naturally, directly, innocently, expressing yourself  through your innate, divine wisdom.

Become a new person as  innocent as a child, as wise as nature, or better still become nothing, remain as you are because you already are, simply express it and  remove all else. That is what is needed in one word; joy! Do with joy that which you will.  


Consider the saying of the Bible: “Strengthen the hands and fix the paralized knees. Say to those who are afraid, be strong. God is coming to seek revenge, God is coming to render and redeem “.

Look to this marvellous poem-prayer that leads to a great statement of faith. It reveals the power needed to have results or take answer to your requests. It is a “command”, a word, a wish-prayer, a possibility that raises from weakness and places us in harmony and freedom. We should not, therefore, be afraid or hesitate.  

The inspired writer teaches us with love, when under the light of conscience we conceive the lesson.

You should never compromise. You should never be satisfied with anything less than your divine potential,  harmony, peace, beauty, joy and freedom to insist until you express them within you and around you.

Before you dress in the morning in your clothes, dress yourself in the light of conscience, pray, sing, bring yourself in the Presence of love. Smile! Then work hard all the day for what is needed.

Before you remove your clothes in the evening, bless  your whole day, remove your clothes and wear the light of peacefulness, gentleness, mercy and politeness.

Pray for a fraction of a second or for as long as you want. Wipe out the past. Wish. Smile. Create your “tomorrow’s” future.

Sing the beauty!  Open the Gate, smile, walk close to nature. Nature is our wider self, it knows how to show you the way to simple and luminous wisdom that knows where, how, how much, when and why.

All this shapes a blessed manifestation that progressively leads to even greater Truth.

Remember this always: Everything is right, and you can be learn from everything about everything as long as you enter with innocence to what exists around you, because everything is molded with love for you.

Do not be afraid and do not worry. Do not try to categorize, to accept or to reject. Do not judge, do not fall into despair, do not show cowardice, do not struggle with yourself, do not hesitate, do not wonder. You are!

Enter naturally and innocently into all that surrounds you, you are not in danger because everything encompass something of you.

Simply, naturally, innocently with yourself and your environment dance in a universe of splendid possibilities of love, recognizing in a  natural way  life, living it humanly, tenderly, simply and shining, from now until eternity.

The creation of the life that you wish opens like a path of simplicity, will, love. Nature reveals to you freedom and embraces everything, leaving space for miracles. Do not be influenced by these ideas. Remain simple! Be united with the universe so that life in all forms and aspects becomes one with your being which is the vision of your eternity.


No one dominates the world beyond the Spirit and the Truth.

And you are spirit and Gate to every spiritual possibility, whether you have forgotten it or not. You have made the world your own from the moment you declare your existence.

You have the power of an eagle, do not make nests in the weeping willow. And like a spiritual lion do not seek your nest in the ferns.

You are a human spirit with infinite possibilities.

You are the Light of this world! Allow it to light high above those who seek the city of Love. Let the words of this book, from flakes of snow, become steady shining crystals, and as blessed feathers clip the wings above your heads, and as iron hoofs strike your doubts, shattering them and leaving you natural, innocent, free and determined in unending love.

Listen to your thirst to express Love!


Christ, the ancient one of the beginning of all time, is the Light, the Gate of God that lives in the spirit of man. He is the breath of Life that visits us and receives a body as our body. It is the Will of Love. It is the Reason that first  speaks in our voice and lives in us. He created a “house” from flesh and bones and became a person like you and me, otherwise we would not hear the song of a divine wind, neither see our spiritual light that is naturalness and love.

This is Christ! He walks with man as man towards  eternity which  is already in existence.

Jesus of Nazareth wanted to lead all His brothers to  Christ and further still to the Reason, which in the beginning led to God. The Spirit of Christ strikes the door of each potential so that he might be aroused, to rise and meet the truth naked and unhindered.

Christ, in all religions and mythologies, in all cultures, had a thousand names. 

Do not let this confuse you. The light can shine in any lantern, wherever it is found, whichever colour you give to it, whatever spatial framework you surround it in.

Do not let yourself be confused. The Light exists as the Gate of your inexperienced potential within you, as living life, naturalness, love, song, movement, beauty.

Examine yourself and you will understand. Even if I say nothing, look within yourself with simplicity, look within and you will understand. Every silence and every word are emitted from you to be returned to you, because only one quality exists; love. One life there is; the eternity, and a recipient; you as long as you live with conscience, traveling through the Gate to beauty, to natural innocence and eternity, in the entire Creation.

Forget everything now! Let it be your natural joy, which allows you to maintain the lucidity that you need so that you might live simply, beautifully. Indulge yourself in conscious self-fulfillment.

If the heart express its natural smile, your face will be dark no more.

A truthful seeker has humor that makes life a feast and opens the Gate. Thus, ensuring each act, action and sense of things in the circle of the holy aim of evolution which expresses itself in the simplicity of daily routine with affection, love, tenderness, beauty, wisdom. If you lose your humor, you become vulnerable. Do not search all continuously with unending thoughts and reasoning, because, it is when the wise man begins to live only through the thoughts of his mind, does he become a fool.

To be means that you become a child, and the child recognizes the innocence, his natural situation, that is why he does not fear the touch, the love, the spontaneity, the opening.

The presence of seekers, of researchers, is necessarily everywhere. If we learn how to be complete and not vulnerable, we will encourage our turn to a more complete perception of ourselves as Life. And then will have begun the most exciting journey of love and integration.

Under the cement and the asphalt, the earth palpitates warm and fertile. In the same way modern man has filled with waste that which he took from a long gone education. Therefore when he faces difficulties, the first thing that emerges from within him is the mud.

Deep down he remains however a loving being, that many times appears squashed, trapped, chained by unending, ancient thoughts. To express conscience means to walk with the heart. To achieve this, it takes  courage, boldness and contact with your inner wisdom. It means you are a child of Earth and Sun, and brother of the entire Creation.

To be humble means you are natural, that is why humbleness is in effect an action of intelligence and courage. This is what guides you each day, each hour, each moment, to discover your own self-reliant, pure innocence, the centre, the voice, the sense of divine Presence as the Gate.

Passing naturally through the Gate your body will have innumerable eyes, which will see beauty where it looks. Thus, you begin each day with thanks. You incarnate in a natural way the tenderness, the courage, and the field of Force is there where you find yourself and you engage rightly.

Shield your body, express yourself so that you might feel comfortable also in the most unfavourable conditions. And if somebody considers you insane, confirm his suspicions! Only thus will they leave you in peace once and for all. 

Love what you do, come close to nature, always enjoy life. Seek the simplicity, the naturalness, the beauty.

Each researcher expresses in a natural way affection, innocence and wisdom.

Here where this book of friendship ends. Begin!

The feast of your life, if you want, is about to begin!

Eternal Life, the infinite Force will give you cheerful experiences, a clear and natural path to the Light.

The path is lit up by “the Light of World”.

Love, expresses love! In the eternity of Creation, the world seats listening to your voice with serene joy. Speak naturally, spontaneously, with tenderness.

Even as you walk this day. Neither bows nor arrows will prevent your steps.

Poet, singer, actor and director, son of eternity. May God bless your name, our name.

Make a beginning to find your first and everlasting Love.

Eternal new, insuperable and beautiful as ever!

Sixty seven sunbeam lights project your path

Cease believing that you are a body that lives a spiritual experience. You are a spirit that lives a human experience. You were, you are and always will be a conscience wherever and whatever you are. This will distance you from the frightening image that you have of death. Only when you have conscience are you perfect and exempted from fear, and if fear does not prevail on you, then you can overcome and express longevity, even everlasting life, in any form you choose to express yourself every time, even the one you have today!

Do not get involved with the philosophy. Do not get stuck, because all is transformed. The sea, while appears continuously “motionless”, is altered by its undulation. Thus the journey of the traveller is always constant but fluid, interesting and unpredictable.

Make a program that inspires yourself, that suits you better.

Choose the manifestation of your naturalness and know nothing else.

Do not only read, but study everything.

Annihilate all and free yourself from all, so that you might be you with all.

Have vision and love, tenderness and affection, for everyone and for all.

Rid yourself of all ancient education and     open your wings with confidence.

Do not be pressurized, be flexible and willing.

A smile opens the Gate of transcendence to every potential.

Because you are the smile, the Gate, the potential. God, how will you feel it…

Let your mind free, natural, creative.

Remember that you are not your body, your sentiments and your thoughts. You are a spiritual being that experiences a human experience in spatiality that this itself creates.

Close the book now and move on. What you have read here is already contained as truth within you. This book is an external projection of what you possess already, however strange this appears.

Breathe freely, tread carefully, be calm.

Pass through the Gate and come to the universe of your lightful self. Thus you will always be in the centre of light, infinite Potential and Creation. Wherever you are, however it all is, you will use it with wisdom and you will engage it correctly, naturally, effectively, in its substance.

Develop an inner smile!

Be rejuvenated with water, play, beautiful vision, prayer, joy, contact with nature, the Creation.

Make “programs”, expand them or redeem them as obsolete, in proportion to the degree of naturalness which you can express.

Come in the Presence without pressure when and as you are inspired each time.

Become aware and feel when to struggle and when to reflect, when to act and when to be calm.

Certain things are natural and function naturally, they simply exist and are expressed, without effort. Let them be expressed. They are natural, physiological forces, do not fear them, live them naturally, innocently and with love.

When you play, play. When you work, work. When you sleep, sleep. When you sing, sing…

The material and your quantum body constitute together your house. They are parallel universes in which you travel as an eternal, life-giving spirit.

We are an eternal thought that has learned to create a material machine.

We are children of pure Mind that is everywhere present, in each cell of our organism, in each point of space, time, existence, but also in all universes.  

Your higher potential is achieved when the mind expresses the experience of its own intellect as conscience.

Look, your substance is the creative peacefulness, the field of force that constitutes the crystal of your abilities and helps to be genuine, to be yourself. It is the clear energy of your divine Kingdom, your personal mystical space that you seek when in repose, preparing for action, in song or dance, when glad or in pray or simply when you live with conscience.

We are not our body. We are not our mind. We are not our sentiments. We are a Spirit, a field of energy that expresses body, mind and sentiments in an area of spatiality and matter.

Come in the crystal Kingdom of inner conscience, reach a new level of consciousness and then will a new beautiful world be created for you.

Wherever you are, it is with you, the crystal omnipotent field of the Kingdom whenever you call for protection, manifestation, creation.

Within the Kingdom, you are the dominant being of force, love and kindness. The universe follows you as Force-Potential, Kingdom, Benediction. You decide and choose. The Kingdom is always here. Any time you want, the entire Kingdom will act in order to help you, to create and express love, beauty and the Force, the potential.

«A healthy mind in a healthy body». Exercise therefore, pray, study, play and intensify your forces. Drink water and shower yourself with water often, sing and sustain yourself well. Be glad, dress well and live close to nature. Always do what inspires you, whenever you are inspired, as long as you are inspired. Have courage and look ahead.

My brother, my friend, despite all terrible things you may have done in the past, be not ashamed, since it is this which made you the special creature you are today.

Forgive, forgive! The past is passed, only “now” exists! Come into the now!

Remember the utterance: “Your sins are forgiven”. Put them in your life; “Go, and sin no more”. That is to say always be present and with love in whatever you do. Be a witness of beauty and compassion, of Nature and Life.

If you are Christian remember; “I will be for you what you believe me to be”. This is a law of freedom of His wholly-creative and omnipotent Being.

Be careful, therefore, of what you believe is God. Be conscious of infinity, eternity, beauty, love and wisdom. Thereafter, there is no need to try to believe what you know already. Have courage, the victory is yours if you live it already.

“You shall not feel afraid of nightly fear, by day of shooting arrows, of death floating in the dark, of destruction or of the desolation of midday. Thousands will fall from your Left and innumerable from the right, but they shall not come near you”.

Make the force of Christ, the force of Existence, your shelter. Living in spiritual consciousness the Kingdom of Light itself is expressed as an almighty protection of love, joy, eternity. Within the Kingdom no problem can touch you.

Allow your courage to change the world!

You have been hammered into the battle of life. The power, the infinite potential, love, wisdom and joy, eros, are your inner self, the Light. Stop and enter into a magic world, come to the world of the Kingdom. It is your world, the only world. Discern what is false from what is real. Keep what is real, what is pure, all depends on this.

You constitute the serene life of nature and Creation.  Express it and share it with the world. This is the aim of Existence.

Let not your actions stunt your own growth or that of others.

Keep your mind crystal clear, your sentiments beautiful, your body strong. Keep them, thus, with the Force. The Kingdom is within you. You can, if you want, when you dare be one with yourself, the child of the Entirety, all that which we call God.

Pray each day to have a pure spiritual being. Cleanse yourself once and for all from that which is negative, so that you have free access to the Kingdom of your Christ-yourself, in the supreme divine Kingdom of all worlds of Love.

Care about the others and seek the Truth. Then perhaps you will discover what you have always know. 

The more you know about your religion and participate with freedom and comprehension, the more you study Nature, Life and Knowledge, the greater your mind becomes and expresses itself in more simplicity and beauty. Thus, your manifestation becomes more refined. You cannot retain negative, incomplete thoughts.

Your new conscience will bring more responsibility for each omission than that of the beginning, and this is how it should. For this, the path of awareness, the path of love, belongs to the fighters, the princes of love and not to the conceited and intolerant small minds.

Here and now your entire life and your environment is the feat which contains the aim of your existence and your glory as child of the Highest.

Practice regularly, daily, so that you may maintain the path of conscience clean and luminous like a rainbow. This path will lead you rightfully to the Kingdom of God of Love and infinite Power. You will be free and redeemed from sin, illness, death. You will reach the place which has been announced as the Promised Land, a place worthy of the sons of Love.

Purify yourself from anything that does not have love.

Be fresh, tender, healthy, therapeutic for yourself and others.

Sometimes all around you appears the same. Which will you choose? Who will you prefer? Be careful, the supreme value of divine Presence is always available, always new, always yours.

The conscience of your being is not only the simplest but also the most important work of your life, important in the infinite greatness of its results for the life of all.

Practice in the conscience of the presence of God of Love. Wherever you are, whoever you are, you can do it…

Cease living by the Law of Consequences and live by the Law of Love and Grace, Xάρις.

Develop, attend to and express the spiritual virtue, and this will attend then to all, rejuvenating you as son of Light.

Do not become prey to long gone theological opinions. All were good and useful in their time. You pray until you receive an answer for whatever you wonder. Do not be in a hurry. Love, be glad, be happy and offer yourself.

With this book I sent my mind and my heart to the wind in order that they might fly with it and answer you. I made my Love, thought and reason so that they might dance with you on a white plain. Because only joy and playfulness hold Love for the one who gives it and for him to whom it is given.

You will be reborn again for a second time when your soul and body are loved.

Paradise is always behind the door for those who love you and those who are loved by you. The key is the confidence and the conscience you can express.

Exercise so that you might become the capable governor of your mind and body. Surround yourself with forces of wisdom, love, courage, infinite potential, will, joy.

Truthfulness and authenticity in your speech pops up from your silent innocence.

Each effort is a longing, a Potential.

If you want to be integral, you should be able to dance naked in the Sun. Existence gives you the opportunity to do so.

There exists a blessed point; your existence with conscience and feeling. A celestial point. When you find it and manifest it, you will conceive its innocent and infinite message. It will organize you, inspire you, program you in a divine way, it will liberate you and lead you to the never ending evolution and integration. Before you know it, you contain it. When you know it, then you simply manifest it!

You are the Gate of transcendence

to the state of conscience of Christ.

Η Ωραία Πύλη,

the Gate to the Altar.

You are Light!