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Tenet: Christopher Nolan Reportedly Pushed for July Release Date, Studio Wanted to Postpone

Christopher Nolan is determined to preserve the theatrical experience, global pandemic be damned. According to a new report, Nolan was adamant his time-bending espionage thriller Tenet open in theaters this July while distributor Warner Bros. wanted to push back its release.Tenet's release was recently postponed by two weeks, shifting from July 17 to July 31, with Warners re-releasing Nolan's Inception on July 17 instead to honor its 10th anniversary. According to the New York […]

todayJune 17, 2020

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Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ Pushed Back Two Weeks as Movie Theaters Ready to Reopen

Christoper Nolan’s Tenet, perhaps the most anticipated film of the pre-pandemic 2020 summer movie season, has pushed back its release two weeks as nationwide movie theater chains prepare to reopen their doors. Tenet was long scheduled to arrive on July 17th, 2020, but will now be released on July 31st. Warner Bros. also announced they will instead rerelease Nolan’s Inception to theaters on July 17th to mark that blockbuster’s 10th anniversary, Variety reports. As the COVID-19 pandemic […]

todayJune 13, 2020


Why ‘Dunkirk’ Is the Christopher Nolan Movie We’ve Been Waiting For

How do you solve a problem like Christopher Nolan? Answer: You give him a war to recreate. You can tell from the very first seconds of Dunkirk, the filmmaker's attempt to encapsulate a key WWII battle and the agony/ecstasy of an epic rescue mission that essentially saved the Western World (no big whoop), that this is a gift sprung from the head of the Dark Knight auteur. Composer and longtime collaborator Hans Zimmer starts […]

todayJuly 26, 2017


Christopher Nolan to Direct WWII Film ‘Dunkirk’ With Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh

Nolan wrote the screenplay for the war action adventure film. Christopher Nolan will direct WWII film Dunkirk, based on his own original screenplay. The action adventure film, set during the legendary 1940 evacuation in France, will be led by yet-to-be-cast unknowns but Kenneth Branagh and Tom Hardy are currently in talks to join the ensemble. The large scale film will be shot on a combination of IMAX 65mm and 65mm […]

todayDecember 28, 2015

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