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George Lucas changed Han Solo’s scene with Greedo in Star Wars: A New Hope, Disney confirmed

Disney+ arrived with seven chapters of the Skywalker saga, but people have started to notice something strange about the first Star Wars film, A New Hope:it has an entirely different edit than the ones fans have seen before. The change was “made by George made prior to the Disney acquisition,” a Disney representative told The Verge. The new edit, which was first spotted by the Star Wars Visual Comparisons Twitter account, features an entirely new insert […]

todayNovember 13, 2019


George Lucas Wrote ‘Star Wars’ as a Liberal Warning. Then Conservatives Struck Back

George Lucas Wrote 'Star Wars' as a Liberal Warning. Then Conservatives Struck Back When George Lucas sat down in early 1973 to draft an operatic science fiction movie about a ragtag group of rebels fighting a corrupt central government, the trial of the Watergate burglars had just begun. He wrote “Star Wars” reflecting the fraught politics of that moment, hoping to serve a tidy political lesson along with the popcorn. […]

todayOctober 10, 2017


George Lucas Chooses Los Angeles for $1 Billion Museum

George Lucas has chosen Los Angeles as the future home of his Museum of Narrative Art, a decision that Mayor Eric Garcetti touted as a turning point for the city and the area around Exposition Park, where the new $1 billion project will make its home. The museum for Lucas’ extensive collection of art and film memorabilia will be constructed in the park adjacent to USC. The “Star Wars” filmmaker chose the […]

todayJanuary 11, 2017


What Makes Star Wars So Special?

The new Star Wars movie made enough money to fund a Death Star because basically any human with access to a movie theater went to go watch it. Or so it seemed like it. In truth, there are still a lot of people who don’t understand why Star Wars is so special. Why does Star Wars stand out, apart, and above every movie franchise ever made? Why is Star Warsso […]

todayJanuary 13, 2016


Everyone liked the new ‘Star Wars’ movie – except George Lucas

With more than $1 billion in ticket sales and a 94 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it seems like just about everybody is happy with the seventh installment of  "Star Wars" -- except for George Lucas. "Star Wars’" original creator sat down with Charlie Rose and had a few choice words for the franchise’s new owners at Disney and how they treated what he referred to as "his children." "I loved […]

todayJanuary 2, 2016


Vanity Fair’s Star Wars issue: six takeaways about The Force Awakens

JJ Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens is only seven months away from cinemas, and despite the film-maker’s reputation for holding his cards close to his chest, details are beginning to emerge. Thanks to the magic of the internet (and the magazine’s own leaks) we’d learned from the new issue of Vanity Fair thatLupita Nyongo’o plays a CGI pirate, Adam Driver is weird, lightsaber-wielding villain Kylo Ren, and JJ Abrams […]

todayMay 11, 2015

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